Entering Adulthood

I turned 18th exactly ten days ago today. Here's a mini birthday party my family and friends did for me :)

A birthday flower given by my grandfather :) I couldn't take the flower with me to Toronto, but it was lovely and I greatly appreciate it, getting a flower on your birthday is my little happiness. Thank you, Grandpa. 

Mom took me and the whole fams out for dinner at my FAVOURITE restaurant in town, called Mocha Cabana. I just got some appetizers but it their food are amazing :) Thanks Mommy!

Another thing from my grandfather AND my grandmother, was this cake which I truly adore! I mean, look at this! So cute :3 The cake was good too. I love it and it is the best one yet :) Again, thanks grandpa and grandma. 

A surprise birthday cheesecake that my older brother ordered and my mother paid. LOL

I went out with Gina for my first time drinking. OF COURSE, I had to get something that is Asian for my first drink (; ~ We actually ordered sake, but the lady got us this bokbunja it's actually a korean red wine. I mean I don't mind it, but our sake >< 

Anyway, that was all. I hoped you enjoy my mini 18th birthday celebration. Hope you'll be here for my next and many more birthday celebration ^^

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