How To Look Cute In The Winter Time (Winter Outfit Ideas)

Finally I got two weeks off from school, and three days off from work. I'm working again in four hours though. But anyway, from my three days break I get to film one thing which is 'How To' video & hope you enjoy it!!
And of course pictures from the looks

Question Of The Day:
Which one is your favourite outfit? 

Taffi's Wishlist: December

It's been a long time since I posted a post, but I'll be back with a lot of outfit videos and post this month. For now, here it is my December Wishlist! 

  1. Zig Zag Snood - Snoods are the cutest thing I've ever seen on people, I thought this winter I should have one for myself. 
  2. Fedora - I've been wanting fedora for so long, but never have the guts for it, but then I saw this cute bow fedora and in love! 
  3. Vintage Watch - From grade seven the only watch I have is this white watch from walmart, and I thought I should go get myself a new one and here you go, a nice vintage watch perfect to wear anywhere and anytime!
  4. Wonderstruck - I went to shopper yesterday and smells out a lot of perfume, I never knew I would like Taylor Swift's perfume. It's weird, because I'm not a fan of the artist's perfume, but I actually love this one. They smell so sweet and lasted a long time. 
  5. Cat Case - I need this. They are the cutest thing ever! 
  6. Pinafore - I'm a fan of cute dresses and overall, & there it goes the perfect one.
  7. Cowbow Boots - Cowboy boots are perfect this season! This one is so cute, even though I can't really wear this for Canadian winter, 'cause I will freeze my foot off!! But I still want them anyway because they are so perfect for this little town I'm in c: