Canada's Day Outfit Ideas

Canada's Day is tomorrow! I'm sure a lot of people out there are having a party or maybe going somewhere special, like go and watch the firework? Whatever that is here's the video showing you what to wear, if you have no idea what to wear. It's really just an ideas, if you think you can add something or take off something, do it! 

And yes, more photoshoot. Well, maybe you guys have noticed every time I posted a photoshoot I always said ''The picture that I've upload is the one that are good enough...'' at the end. By good enough, I mean like the effort we put into the picture, really. Well like the last picture right on top is effortless. 

I'll have lots of new videos and pictures coming pretty soon before I'm leaving for Camp in two weeks and also I'll have some other videos after the camp! So subscribe to Peasandbooks for more updates **Reminder: Peas and Books is when Ebubu and I are doing the videos together. So it's both of us.** and My youtube channel Tashiatos is personal, it's really only me. So if you want to see Ebubu, you should follow peasandbooks in blogger.

Have a great Canadian Day to anyone are celebrating!

OOTD: Farewell

As you guys may already know I'm done school!! I'm entering a new school next year. I'm kind of nervous, I mean new friends, new teacher, and new schedule.. it's pretty scary. Anyone else entering a new school next year? You guys may feel the same way. Anyway, around five days ago now I had my farewell and here I'm showing you what I was wearing.

After the video it's good to have a photoshoot. Don't you think? Well, this next pictures is not really a photoshoot, because we took it as a farewell picture kind of thing, but there's also a couple of photoshoot that Ebubu took for me.

Ebubu showing off her funny side ( :

Again, I've so much picture that we took at the Farewell, but the picture that I've upload is the one that are good enough to upload. Anyone had their farewell already? Let me know how was it?

Have a great Summer guys!

Thank you!

Video cover! At first I don't really want to upload this video, because I was looking at my iPod for almost the whole time and I kind of messed up some part, but then I decided to upload it anyway, I mean why not? This song will be great for a lot of people out there who are kicking their butt for final exams! It'll make them fall asleep after a long day studying.

I might not post anything else before June the 28th, because I have to do Provincial exams. Anyone else still doing their exams? Whoever you are Good luck! I'm sure you can do it, just work hard!

Thank you so much for all the comments and messages. It seems like you guys like the Fashion Post! We sure will make more fashion videos in the future, and I'm pretty sure we will make more videos in the Summer for sure!

I hope you guys have a good day!

OOTD: Spring Edition

 Outfit Of The Day Spring Edition is up! Me and Ebubu had so much fun filmed this video. If you like this video you should follow peasandbooks or subscribe to our youtube. I'm still going to upload fashion video, beauty video, music video, etc on my channel, but it'll be personal. If you like Ebubu and want to see her again, you should definitely visit Peas and Books!

Anyway, next coming up will be our fun photo shoot we took at the field (It was for fun so..)

My pictures is all taken by Ebubu. She is good at Photography, don't you think? I think she should take Photography class and be the perfect Photographer ever!! Anyway, we have like a lot more pictures, but this is the one that are qualified. Qualified in a way it's good enough to publish. 

Hope it inspire you!

Taffi's Wishlist: Summer

  1. I've fall in love at first sight with this lipstick! It's Paul and Joe collections. Aren't they just adorable? It's a little cat as a lipsticks! and also The colour is totally me. You can get this cute lipstick from ASOS.
  2. This studded dress from Topshop is lovely,  I just think that it'll look so good when you wear it in the Summer. Nude colour dress with a little bow on your head. Ah, how I imagined that dress! Apparently it's out of stock right now, but who knows it might be back.
  3. One of my friend wore this at school, I asked her where she got it from, because I just love love them, then she said she got it from Spring. Aah, they're so pretty!
  4. I saw one of my look book fashionista wore this, and lucky I'm lucky she put a link on where she got this jacket from; It's from Romwe. Oh gash, I love them. London ftw! 
  5. Last but not least is this cute dress from Jack Wills. This dress is so simple, but rich. If you know what I meant. I think this dress will be a great great dress for the summer!