OOTD: Farewell

As you guys may already know I'm done school!! I'm entering a new school next year. I'm kind of nervous, I mean new friends, new teacher, and new schedule.. it's pretty scary. Anyone else entering a new school next year? You guys may feel the same way. Anyway, around five days ago now I had my farewell and here I'm showing you what I was wearing.

After the video it's good to have a photoshoot. Don't you think? Well, this next pictures is not really a photoshoot, because we took it as a farewell picture kind of thing, but there's also a couple of photoshoot that Ebubu took for me.

Ebubu showing off her funny side ( :

Again, I've so much picture that we took at the Farewell, but the picture that I've upload is the one that are good enough to upload. Anyone had their farewell already? Let me know how was it?

Have a great Summer guys!


  1. you look cute in that white dress! is that owl necklace that you're wearing? :)

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  2. cute!!
    hello dear!
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  3. your dress is so pretty! and you look gorgeous! ;)

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  4. Change is pretty scary but it'll be fine hun :) I'm moving to NYC soon for uni and I'm pretty nervous but so excited! Hope we both adapt quickly and make new friends soon :) cute dress too!


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  6. Lovely dress!!!
    nice blog! I've started following you on GFC!
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    kisses pretty!