February Tune

Taffi's Wishlist: January

1. I love the concept for this Goo Hara's nail book. It's so freaking cute!!! I just love the aesthetic design, ugh! I just wanted to keep it for school reference. LOL. Don't get me wrong I love Goo Hara! But this book is just beyond perfection 😍

2. Who doesn't love this bag? Huh? Huh? I LOVE this bag from the moment it came out! It's so freaking cute! I just don't think I can afford to buy the real one, though, but definitely, will treat myself the dupe LOL

3. This Marauder Map cup is everything I've ever wanted! The map appears when you pour hot beverages and disappear when it gets cold. How cool is that? 👀👅

4. This Horcrux bookmark set is so badass. Who's with me?! 😍

5. Who loves the Weasley's family?! I DO! I actually wanted one of the custom letterings for this sweater, but just could not find the right one!! This one is perfect with the shiny kind of wool. I love it! 😍😍😍❤️

Taffi Reads: January

I have mentioned this on my new year resolution post a few weeks ago that one of my new year resolution is to read more books. I am trying to read at least one book every month, so let's hope I keep that up. lol. 

Also, with that, I am trying to improve my writing skills so I am going to blog about what I think and feel the books I have read. So, yeah I hope this will help me in the long run D:

So, this month I finished reading the Maze Runner and the Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire. Let's first talk about Maze Runner for a bit. I have a bit of mixed feeling about this book; unsure of how I felt. I was drawn in finishing this book because of the plot. I want to know what is going on, what is going to happen to these characters, what's ahead of them. However, at the same time I felt like the book wasn't very exciting. There were really no life. The characters really just got no personalities whatsoever. The book was okay. I enjoyed it because it was something different than what I am used to reading, but I am not, well, hooked.. And sadly I would not continue with the rest of the series. I rate Maze Runner 3/5

Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire in the other hand was really good! I don't have a lot to say beside the fact that it was very magical. Every Harry Potter book I have read was so good and really takes you to a different world. I couldn't put it down! I am in love with Hermione and Krum <3 I rate Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire 5/5

I also have goodreads that you can check out :) -> click here <-

January Tune

Aye! January is coming to an end. I thought I would make this playlist of tunes I've been into this month. Enjoy :)

Cafe Bene in North York Toronto

Many of you probably know this very popular café in South Korea. They are famous for their patbingsu, which is Korean specialty shaved ice. I have been to Caffé Bene when I was in South Korean a few summer ago, I must say I fell in love with bingsu right that time LOL. Anyway, I was so happy to find out that they have Cafe Bene in Toronto!!! Even though I don't think the one we have here is the original Caffe Bene, I can finally taste bingsu again (//=3=)//

I went here on my Christmas break with a friend; it was very cold so we decided to order hot drinks. I ordered gingerbread latte ($4.45) and my friend ordered sweet potato latte ($4.75). As for my drink, I couldn't taste any of the spices that gingerbread supposed to have, but I am not sure if that was their intention. 

After we had the hot stuff out of the way, we ordered patbingsu. LOL talking about sensitive teeth... Anyway, we decided to go with oreo choco one ($8.99) It had a banana, strawberry, tiny marshmallow, oreo, and to top it of whipped cream, waffle biscuits and a drizzle of condensed milk. It was good, I don't know much about bingsu so I think it was good. I had the original red bean bingsu when I was in South Korea, so it was good to try different kinds of bingsu. I am hoping to try brownie choco, affogato, and rice cake next time! (>v<)!!

Next up! LOL. We ordered quiet a lot alright ><! We had the brick bread, I think we chose the honey cinnamon ($5.99) I have to say that it was my favourite one out of everything! It was SO GOOD. Yeah, it was a bit sweet, but I enjoyed it a lot! I love it!!

Well, well, that was all. Did that make you drool? LOL. This cafe offers a lot of sweets, but there is a few light meal on the menu that you can order. 

I would say this cafe is good if you want to do a group study, hang with your squads, as they have that very homey and nature feel to their cafe. 

Overall conclusion, I love this cafe! The sweets are good, the staff are friendly, and very cozy environment. The only downside I have, and it's a very personal one is that the sweets are too sweet. But like I said, it is just my personal opinion.

Cafe Bene is located up North by Finch station. Address below! :)
5519 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5S3

I rate Cafe Bene: 4.5 out of 5!

 photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png

(Indonesian Restaurant) Lion City Restaurant in Missisauga

I went to this "Singaporean, Malaysian, Thailand and Indonesian" restaurant with a friend just out of curiosity. Here is my take on it :)

Well, I ordered Indonesian Fried Rice $8.50 and Fried Wonton ($7.50). First of all, I want to comment a little bit on the fried rice. Original Indonesian fried rice is brown, well they added sweet soy sauce. This one, however, are yellow even without the filter. So, I was a little bit disappointed. The taste was okay, nothing special. They added the vegetable and when I see it, it reminded me of 'acar' but without the vinegar. I am again a bit disappointed. But I don't know, I think I just have a pretty high hope in getting real Indonesian food, I guess. But anyway, the price was not too bad, so I can't complain.

The fried wonton, or what we call pangsit in Indonesia, is pretty good I guess. I don't have much to say about them beside the fact that they're alright. Again, I may again have the high expectation of munching bakmi BM pangsit... *sigh*

Anyway, the Ice Kacang ($5) was ordered by my friend, as for price is pretty good. I tried it a bit too, and I must say it is good. The best one out of everything I had actually.

If you guys have been to this restaurant, well, do let me know what you guys think about them!

I rate Lion City: 3 out 5!

 photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png

Sansotei Ramen Toronto and Gong Cha Boba

If you guys ever in Toronto or are in Toronto. This ramen place is definitely a MUST VISIT. It has the best ramen I have ever tasted in my lifetime! WOW. 

I went here almost a month ago with my classmate, Jillian <3

At the ramen place, I ordered one that was called "TanTan" ($9.60). It was marked to be spicy, but it really was not spicy at all. I like the subtleness that it gives. Definitely coming back for it! As for dessert ($4.50), I ordered the tofu cheesecake which was also good, but I was already stuffed up to be able to appreciate it ><// To sum it up, I spent a total amount of $18.19 That include $2 hot tea :) Quiet affordable if you ask me!

Afterward, we went to a place called Gong Cha tea. For the first time, I tried Milk Foam boba. It was less sweet and I quite like it to be honest. The foam was definitely my favourite LOL <3 
I spent a total of $5.88 including tax. Which is quite expensive in my opinion and meh :/ But I guess the foam is worth going for lol

Sansotei Ramen is located in downtown Toronto. Below is the address ^^
179 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8
As for Gong-Cha boba tea, I am sure there are many branches spreads out all over Toronto. But the one that we went is located up North. Address below ^^
5449 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5S1

I hope you guys found that helpful and do visit sometimes! If you have, well let me know what you guys think about those places!! :D

I rate Sansotei Ramen: 5 out of 5!

 photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png

Hello 2016

Aye! It's the new year. Which means new beginning; new resolutions. This year I am trying to be more of a realist and try to create an easier to follow resolutions. Alright, so here are a list 

  1. To not only work harder in school but to work smarter and actually get stuff done and right
  2. To try and exercise daily
  3. To read more books. I am currently aiming to read 20 books or more by the end of 2016
  4. To finish my clothing line *hint*hint* I need to see progression at least

That wraps up my new year resolution. What's your new your resolution? Comment down below! I would love to see what new thing you guys are going to do this year.