Varsity and Bow

Hello! It's been a long time isn't it?!?! Summer is finally over and I'm not sure if I should be happy or not? I mean I don't want to say goodbye to the sun yet, but I'm long time ready to welcome the wind and the snow, but also at the same time I love summer, I can do whatever I want without any busy schedule coming my way!

Speaking of busy schedule, I might take back my promises for every videos per week since I can't keep in track, man! I'm just super busy and my first quarter is almost over, and I have to study study study! So I'm really really sorry for that. 

But anyway, yesterday, I went to watch Hotel Transylvania and loving it, but anyway here's what I wore!

I ended up wearing jeans for the bottom, since I forgot that we were gonna take a bus home! 

Did you guys notice that my hair was curly in the picture?!?! YES! It's curly! I was so excited when I found out my hair was curly when I took out my six hours of messy bun. Now, I know how to curl my hair! To be honest, I never have any luck with any curling method! My hair is really naughty, like seriously. Not matter how I curl it, it'll come back to the original long straight hair. UGH!

Question Of The Day:
How would you style varsity jacket?!

How I Style: Adidas Hi Sleek Bow

Hello! Yep, it's here! New video every Saturday? I'm not sure if this is going to work, since I'm sooo busy, but I'll for sure let you know soon if I'm going to change the schedule.

Anyway, today's video is going to be How I Style Adidas Hi Sleek Bow! As you guys may already know that since I have it as a title. But here we go!! 

I'm so sad, that school is here, but also happy at the same time. But not sure which one is the most. Because I'm really happy because of I love what I'm taking at school, but I hate how busy I get. What I really like to do is just blogging, and making things everyday, but I don't think that's going to happen, not until I finish High School anyway!

Question Of The Day: 
Are you guys excited for the Fall? What are your plan? 

Adidas Top Ten Hi Sleek Bow Black Trainers (Splurge)

Hello!! Long time no blog huh.. It's been a hectic busy month for me since school started! So anyway, I just want to let you guys know about what's going to happen with my youtube channel mainly focusing in Fashion Videos. Right now I give my videos a schedule, and that is every Saturday. However, I might have to close down my youtube account, in a way meaning no more fashion videos. So the videos is still kind of in between, since I got a job recently. But if that happen, I'll for sure keep you in update with that. Oh, oh and for sure, I'll still be in blogspot, just not youtube! I'll post a fashion pictures of my outfit here. 

Anyway! So today post is about shoes that I just got recently. I'm so excited about this shoes, since I've been debating if I should buy it or not, since this shoes it's not that cheap. So it's kind of a splurge for me. Also, if you've been reading my blog, I asked in my Summer Haul post, which of the three shoes (including this one) is the one? And a lot of you guys saying the Nike one, but when I think about it again, they aren't my cup of tea, so I kind of go on with this one!

Hi Tops Adidas Bow - ASOS 

I ended up liking this shoes even more! How lovely is this?? It's even more lovelier in real life *seriously* But what do you think about them? I think it's worth the money.

I'll do a How To Style them soon, maybe this Saturday? I'll keep you in update for that via twitter.

What's one of your most expensive shoes that you ever own?

I rate this: 4 out of 5!

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