Quebec Trip

I forgot what it was, but I had to upload it because this architecture shows Quebec!
I had a chance to stand on the bridge. It was the best experience!
Lovely view from Parliament building (Ottawa)
One of my favourite picture from Museum of Civilization

Statue at the Subway stop!
There's no word to describe this picture. I can't believe I took this picture it was the best feeling ever!
Cathedral church. It's beautiful inside!!

Last out of all! Cirque du Soleil!!! My favourite one out of all the activities.


Hello lovelies, I'm Tasha and I'm a High School student from Canada. I like various style of music, crime movie, logic, puffy stickers, plushies, kitties, bunnies, illustrations, crafts, biscuits, fashion, yoga, foods, good books, adventure, bows, brownies, and photography.

I used to have a blog, and I'm sure some of you may already know. The reason why I deleted it is because I used to post personal things. I mean posting about my feelings and it's open to the internet for people to read... It was not a good idea. I was twelve though.

So.. I wasn't blogging for maybe about a year, then one day I ran across Clothes Encounters and was inspired. I thought to myself I want to live my life happy, just like Jenn. Living a dream. She is the reason I came up with this blog and I am glad that I did.

Hope you like my Introduction, plus a weary weary flashback!

Thank you for reading!