Hello lovelies, I'm Tasha and I'm a High School student from Canada. I like various style of music, crime movie, logic, puffy stickers, plushies, kitties, bunnies, illustrations, crafts, biscuits, fashion, yoga, foods, good books, adventure, bows, brownies, and photography.

I used to have a blog, and I'm sure some of you may already know. The reason why I deleted it is because I used to post personal things. I mean posting about my feelings and it's open to the internet for people to read... It was not a good idea. I was twelve though.

So.. I wasn't blogging for maybe about a year, then one day I ran across Clothes Encounters and was inspired. I thought to myself I want to live my life happy, just like Jenn. Living a dream. She is the reason I came up with this blog and I am glad that I did.

Hope you like my Introduction, plus a weary weary flashback!

Thank you for reading!

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