If you followed me on Instagram, some of you may already know that I have moved to pursue my study in Toronto. This is a little sneak peek of my place. I will post more when I am settled :)

Entering Adulthood

I turned 18th exactly ten days ago today. Here's a mini birthday party my family and friends did for me :)

A birthday flower given by my grandfather :) I couldn't take the flower with me to Toronto, but it was lovely and I greatly appreciate it, getting a flower on your birthday is my little happiness. Thank you, Grandpa. 

Mom took me and the whole fams out for dinner at my FAVOURITE restaurant in town, called Mocha Cabana. I just got some appetizers but it their food are amazing :) Thanks Mommy!

Another thing from my grandfather AND my grandmother, was this cake which I truly adore! I mean, look at this! So cute :3 The cake was good too. I love it and it is the best one yet :) Again, thanks grandpa and grandma. 

A surprise birthday cheesecake that my older brother ordered and my mother paid. LOL

I went out with Gina for my first time drinking. OF COURSE, I had to get something that is Asian for my first drink (; ~ We actually ordered sake, but the lady got us this bokbunja it's actually a korean red wine. I mean I don't mind it, but our sake >< 

Anyway, that was all. I hoped you enjoy my mini 18th birthday celebration. Hope you'll be here for my next and many more birthday celebration ^^

Pondok Bambu Resto in Sorowako

*excited* Pondok Bambu Resto which is located in Sorowako (If you're here, just ask people and they'll know! c:) It is hands down my favourite restaurant, they have the best chef in the world ugh! I swear I wanted to take that chef back to Canada, so he/she can cook for me everyday. LOL Anyway, if you guys like seafood, chicken wings, satay, you name it! Here is the restaurant you are looking for ~

My favourite dish everyone 'Cumi Goreng Tepung' ~ This thing taste heavenly. Tender, crunchy, perfectly seasoned. Ugh I can't say no more. 

The overall place is cozy; downstair (where I was, when this pic was taken) has that traditional kind of feelings. They also have upstair which is more of a retro kind of feeling, somewhere young people would want to be. They also have a deck there, which I LOVE to go at night ~!

Rumah Makan 39

This cozy little restaurant can be found on your way to Pantai Limo and back. We decided that we grab something to eat before going back home, it was a long day at the beach after all. This place is real cozy and the server are kind. It really makes you feel like home :) 

The server actually said, at night there are live music in which people could go up and sing if they would like too. I think it's great! I mean people need a little entertainment in life, and this will also boost people confidence.

Pantai Limo

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I went for a short trip to Sorowako, Indonesia to visit my dad. This was a little getaway down the beach two hours away from Sorowako called Pantai Limo. This was my first time going here, and surprised that there is such a beautiful beach around there. As you can see, the views are amazing!