Pondok Bambu Resto in Sorowako

*excited* Pondok Bambu Resto which is located in Sorowako (If you're here, just ask people and they'll know! c:) It is hands down my favourite restaurant, they have the best chef in the world ugh! I swear I wanted to take that chef back to Canada, so he/she can cook for me everyday. LOL Anyway, if you guys like seafood, chicken wings, satay, you name it! Here is the restaurant you are looking for ~

My favourite dish everyone 'Cumi Goreng Tepung' ~ This thing taste heavenly. Tender, crunchy, perfectly seasoned. Ugh I can't say no more. 

The overall place is cozy; downstair (where I was, when this pic was taken) has that traditional kind of feelings. They also have upstair which is more of a retro kind of feeling, somewhere young people would want to be. They also have a deck there, which I LOVE to go at night ~!

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