Sweater Weather

beanie: diy / crop hoodie: diy / sweater: eBay / pants: mom's / boots: zara. Photos by Holly Weinkauf

I am back guys! I'll be seriously continue posting more and more blog post. I know I alway say this but this time I am serious. I feel a bit sad when I don't blog, so that's why I told myself I HAVE to post more often. I also found a friend that is willing to help me with all of this, so that is one of the big surprise. Anyway, I have written many ideas for both my blog and youtube, so I'll be out with many more posts!!!

The weather has been getting chillier by days, I've been living in this crop hoodie that I chopped of due to love hate feeling towards it. I am definitely is not looking forward for winter..

I hope you guys are all well :)

Canadian Fall Outfits + SHOP MY CLOSET!

Canadian autumn is really NOT autumn, rather it is like winter to me! So here is quick video showing you what I would wear in this crazy type of weather.

Yes you read it right, you can now shop my closet! For now I don't have a lot of things but I will add more and more things on there, and I'll for sure keep everyone in update! Go and check it out now!!

Bright Fall

sweater: f21 / blouse: eBay / skort: a gift / bowler hat: eBay / shoes: zara. Photos by Holy Weinkauf

Gloomy day; bright outfit all day long. Stand out to fit in! 

Etude House x Disney Minnie Kissing Lips

I am seriously in love with it!! As you guys may not know I love Minnie Mouse! So, the packaging is a plus for me. The lip product itself, omg it is just flawless! I feel like it is one of my favourite lip product, and I don't even wear a lot of lip products! Anyway, this lipstick is perfect! The colour is flattering and I would totally see myself wearing this everyday from now on. 

By the way if you are wondering why I don't put the red one on, it is because the red lipstick is bought as a gift for my mom and also I don't wear red lipstick. That is why I apologized for not showing you how it looks on. If you are interested on knowing how the red one looks on, check out blogofshadows's post, she did a review on this.

I rate this: 3 out of 5!

 photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png  photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png  photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png