Little Minx

I kept promising that I am going to post more, but I didn't. I am trying, guys! It's literally so hard when you're in AP class, and you have store soon to run, and trying to make videos every week. SO HARD! Anyway, If you haven't check my youtube channel, I have DIY video up on my youtube channel, and soon I'll be uploading a new video, so go here!

Today outfit post will be pretty simple, I got this shirt about three days ago before all of this pictures was taken, and I love them so much! This is literally the cutest shirt ever! 

Spring is finally arriving. I am so happy! I am literally can not wait until Summer, and not wearing tight or leggings underneath my skirts or shorts anymore. 

♡ ♡ Little Minx Shirt: shopjawbreaking ♡ Skirt - Forever 21 ♡ Leggings - Forever 21   Flats - Ardene ♡ Scrunchies: lovetaffi (COMING SOON!)   

Winter Outfit for School

Hi y'all High Schooler out there, here this video is for all of you cuties :'3

I've been super duper busy and I haven't blog in a long time. I'll try to blog more from now on!!
How are y'all doing? Hope y'all having a good day :)