Niagara Falls


Now, here are all of the pictures I took at Niagara Falls :)

I hope you guys enjoyed all of the photos :) And like I said in the previous post, if you ever in Toronto, do come and visit! It is definitely a must. It's REALLY beautiful! I actually went here when it was still summer, but I heard it is even more stunning in the fall and winter :)

Smallest Church in Niagara On The Lake


I hope you guys are well. As for myself, I am doing extremely well beside all of the projects I have been getting. Anyway, I really didn't feel like doing anything today, so I thought I would actually work on my blog. So here I am. I went to Niagara Falls about a month ago and here are some of the footages. 

As you can see from the title, I am going to first start with this cute little church before actually posting pictures of Niagara Falls ^-^

We passed by this 'miniature like' church on our way toward Niagara Falls. I was rather intrigued by the design of this church. The church was designed in a way that it is very simplistic, but it's still eye-catching and you're drawn to it more and more. This is definitely one unique place that's a must visit when you ever have a chance :)

CNE: Canadian National Exhibition 2015

I also went to CNE right before going to college. So, about a month ago if I am not wrong? It was beautiful! I got to go on many different rides and try out different food and lastly to just seek many different art and performances! 

I was fully blown by this sand art. Amazing!

These things are the best. I secretly wished that I have that special someone to win me one of the plush >< lol

I suck at rides lol. When everyone else was riding, I'm selfing LOL

Shu and I ^^

whoops! ^^

And those bear tho! Wow, just wow! It's amazing to see how creative people could get!