How To Look Cute In The Winter Time (Winter Outfit Ideas)

Finally I got two weeks off from school, and three days off from work. I'm working again in four hours though. But anyway, from my three days break I get to film one thing which is 'How To' video & hope you enjoy it!!
And of course pictures from the looks

Question Of The Day:
Which one is your favourite outfit? 

Taffi's Wishlist: December

It's been a long time since I posted a post, but I'll be back with a lot of outfit videos and post this month. For now, here it is my December Wishlist! 

  1. Zig Zag Snood - Snoods are the cutest thing I've ever seen on people, I thought this winter I should have one for myself. 
  2. Fedora - I've been wanting fedora for so long, but never have the guts for it, but then I saw this cute bow fedora and in love! 
  3. Vintage Watch - From grade seven the only watch I have is this white watch from walmart, and I thought I should go get myself a new one and here you go, a nice vintage watch perfect to wear anywhere and anytime!
  4. Wonderstruck - I went to shopper yesterday and smells out a lot of perfume, I never knew I would like Taylor Swift's perfume. It's weird, because I'm not a fan of the artist's perfume, but I actually love this one. They smell so sweet and lasted a long time. 
  5. Cat Case - I need this. They are the cutest thing ever! 
  6. Pinafore - I'm a fan of cute dresses and overall, & there it goes the perfect one.
  7. Cowbow Boots - Cowboy boots are perfect this season! This one is so cute, even though I can't really wear this for Canadian winter, 'cause I will freeze my foot off!! But I still want them anyway because they are so perfect for this little town I'm in c:

Tail Of The Fox (Sneak Peek)

Hello guys before you guys scroll down just letting you know I'm selling all the hair accessories showing in the picture, but not for the shirt, not until I get a lot of supporters anyway, but if you guys are interested, why not let me know and I'll try to arrange something!

Of course the original logo itself! (I have to cover my face with egg, because my face wasn't cute at all LOL)

Oh and not long after the photoshoot the snow melted and such and this was supposed to be my outfit post for that day but keep forgetting to upload it. So, I thought I'll upload it anyway, since the shirt that I was wearing is one of the design too!

Enough for the shirt and now lets get on something real here! 

and it's not just that..... THERE'S MORE!!!!

All the hair accessories are available in next couple of month at! If you guys are interested, just keep your eye on it! I'll surely update a week before it's open!

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Would you be interested in such of things?

Winter is here?

The weather is getting worse and worse everyday! Is this even real life?! 

I finished filming for my BIG project yesterday, it was fun! Shout out to Cailin, Maria, and Stephany, Hi guys if you're reading this!!!!! So anyway, the big project is pretty cool ok. I just can't! However, for the project that I have in the video (that is coming up), I won't be able to sell it right now, but it'll be up sometime December or next year! I'm excited guys! Super duper excited!

Question Of The Day:
Do you have winter where you live?

Fresh Flowers in the Fall

Cardi: Grandma's / Pencil Skirt: Mangga Dua / Top: Gift / Oxfords: Ardene / Floral Crown: DIY

Day getting a bit chilly each day. I feel a bit sad about the weather, but I can't really do anything. It's the science thing that everyone wonders about. I wonder if I'm not here in this life, where would I be?!

AN UPDATE: I got myself a permission from CYNE and now I can use their music as my background music on youtube, so I'll do a couple of new videos this upcoming months! Also, about my big project, I'm so excited about it. It's out in November 1st and I'll be selling hair accessories, mainly bows!! So if you are interested, please wait until November the 1st and I'll for sure update everything!

Question Of The Day:
What is one of your favourite fall trend, for the year of 2012?

Taffi's Wishlist: October

Yay, it's that time of the month! I've been thinking, I think I should do monthly wish list! I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I might do it, since it's pretty easy!

Anyway, here I have five of my most wanted items for the month of October!

1. I saw this on Jade Thirlwall, and in love, I mean look at it. It's like tribal print and cardigan hood gets together and have baby! Okay that was cheesy.. But anyway. I flipping love them. They are seriously should be one of my Fall Essential for this fall. If you love them too, you can find them at ASOS.

2. Gosh, the first time I saw this, I was like they are perfection. I need them. But then I look at the price..... No man. I can't. ASOS, Why do you sell the most beautiful things at the most high rate?! But you can wear this dress anytime really. You can never go wrong with them colour in the fall time!

3. This is so vintagey, I love it and I feel like they are what I really looking for in ages! ASOS, you gonna make me go bankrupt, aren't you?! You can wear this dress with leggings and black high heels to school, and you'll super cute and stylish! 

4. I've been wanting a black wedges like this, but never find the perfect one, then I ran across this on Pinterest, and I'm like oh my glob. I seriously need them, but then it sold out... But it's from spylovebuy.

5. Wedge sneakers is the trend right now. I freaking need them. This one is perfect for the fall. The colour, the looks! Oh yeah! ASOS, even though you sell expensive stuff, but I love you. You can wear this with acid wash skinny jeans and comfy jumper for the fall!

2 posts in a row! Ah D:

Varsity and Bow

Hello! It's been a long time isn't it?!?! Summer is finally over and I'm not sure if I should be happy or not? I mean I don't want to say goodbye to the sun yet, but I'm long time ready to welcome the wind and the snow, but also at the same time I love summer, I can do whatever I want without any busy schedule coming my way!

Speaking of busy schedule, I might take back my promises for every videos per week since I can't keep in track, man! I'm just super busy and my first quarter is almost over, and I have to study study study! So I'm really really sorry for that. 

But anyway, yesterday, I went to watch Hotel Transylvania and loving it, but anyway here's what I wore!

I ended up wearing jeans for the bottom, since I forgot that we were gonna take a bus home! 

Did you guys notice that my hair was curly in the picture?!?! YES! It's curly! I was so excited when I found out my hair was curly when I took out my six hours of messy bun. Now, I know how to curl my hair! To be honest, I never have any luck with any curling method! My hair is really naughty, like seriously. Not matter how I curl it, it'll come back to the original long straight hair. UGH!

Question Of The Day:
How would you style varsity jacket?!

How I Style: Adidas Hi Sleek Bow

Hello! Yep, it's here! New video every Saturday? I'm not sure if this is going to work, since I'm sooo busy, but I'll for sure let you know soon if I'm going to change the schedule.

Anyway, today's video is going to be How I Style Adidas Hi Sleek Bow! As you guys may already know that since I have it as a title. But here we go!! 

I'm so sad, that school is here, but also happy at the same time. But not sure which one is the most. Because I'm really happy because of I love what I'm taking at school, but I hate how busy I get. What I really like to do is just blogging, and making things everyday, but I don't think that's going to happen, not until I finish High School anyway!

Question Of The Day: 
Are you guys excited for the Fall? What are your plan?