Taffi's Wishlist: October

Yay, it's that time of the month! I've been thinking, I think I should do monthly wish list! I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I might do it, since it's pretty easy!

Anyway, here I have five of my most wanted items for the month of October!

1. I saw this on Jade Thirlwall, and in love, I mean look at it. It's like tribal print and cardigan hood gets together and have baby! Okay that was cheesy.. But anyway. I flipping love them. They are seriously should be one of my Fall Essential for this fall. If you love them too, you can find them at ASOS.

2. Gosh, the first time I saw this, I was like they are perfection. I need them. But then I look at the price..... No man. I can't. ASOS, Why do you sell the most beautiful things at the most high rate?! But you can wear this dress anytime really. You can never go wrong with them colour in the fall time!

3. This is so vintagey, I love it and I feel like they are what I really looking for in ages! ASOS, you gonna make me go bankrupt, aren't you?! You can wear this dress with leggings and black high heels to school, and you'll super cute and stylish! 

4. I've been wanting a black wedges like this, but never find the perfect one, then I ran across this on Pinterest, and I'm like oh my glob. I seriously need them, but then it sold out... But it's from spylovebuy.

5. Wedge sneakers is the trend right now. I freaking need them. This one is perfect for the fall. The colour, the looks! Oh yeah! ASOS, even though you sell expensive stuff, but I love you. You can wear this with acid wash skinny jeans and comfy jumper for the fall!

2 posts in a row! Ah D:


  1. funky wishlist! i would love 1. too =D

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  2. love all your picks! seeing beautiful deep red shades.


  3. I am in love with #2! Such a gorgeous dress xx


  4. OH.MY.GOSH. i love 3 so much, it's so adorable!!!! i like 2 too, the cutout is cool! ahh i love it all, great post!

  5. really like that dress number 3, pretty;}X