Tail Of The Fox (Sneak Peek)

Hello guys before you guys scroll down just letting you know I'm selling all the hair accessories showing in the picture, but not for the shirt, not until I get a lot of supporters anyway, but if you guys are interested, why not let me know and I'll try to arrange something!

Of course the original logo itself! (I have to cover my face with egg, because my face wasn't cute at all LOL)

Oh and not long after the photoshoot the snow melted and such and this was supposed to be my outfit post for that day but keep forgetting to upload it. So, I thought I'll upload it anyway, since the shirt that I was wearing is one of the design too!

Enough for the shirt and now lets get on something real here! 

and it's not just that..... THERE'S MORE!!!!

All the hair accessories are available in next couple of month at tailofthefox.etsy.com! If you guys are interested, just keep your eye on it! I'll surely update a week before it's open!

Question Of The Day:
Would you be interested in such of things?