Adidas Top Ten Hi Sleek Bow Black Trainers (Splurge)

Hello!! Long time no blog huh.. It's been a hectic busy month for me since school started! So anyway, I just want to let you guys know about what's going to happen with my youtube channel mainly focusing in Fashion Videos. Right now I give my videos a schedule, and that is every Saturday. However, I might have to close down my youtube account, in a way meaning no more fashion videos. So the videos is still kind of in between, since I got a job recently. But if that happen, I'll for sure keep you in update with that. Oh, oh and for sure, I'll still be in blogspot, just not youtube! I'll post a fashion pictures of my outfit here. 

Anyway! So today post is about shoes that I just got recently. I'm so excited about this shoes, since I've been debating if I should buy it or not, since this shoes it's not that cheap. So it's kind of a splurge for me. Also, if you've been reading my blog, I asked in my Summer Haul post, which of the three shoes (including this one) is the one? And a lot of you guys saying the Nike one, but when I think about it again, they aren't my cup of tea, so I kind of go on with this one!

Hi Tops Adidas Bow - ASOS 

I ended up liking this shoes even more! How lovely is this?? It's even more lovelier in real life *seriously* But what do you think about them? I think it's worth the money.

I'll do a How To Style them soon, maybe this Saturday? I'll keep you in update for that via twitter.

What's one of your most expensive shoes that you ever own?

I rate this: 4 out of 5!

 photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png  photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png photo 7f44e04e-1f3b-4bf6-a787-62c49e8ecab8_zpsxuxi11yk.png


  1. Cool sneakers!

  2. freaking cool shoesss! lovelovelove <3

  3. loving the sneakers!


  4. Hi Tasha, the shoes are soo pretty! Thx for the sweet comment. Just followed your great blog on gfc/35, follow back if you like,
    kisses chris

  5. cute sneakers! i love it :) xoxo

  6. super cuteee! Adidas sneaker with bow :D
    lovely ♥
    the most expansive shoes of mine is Nine West :P

  7. These are utterly amazing, great choice. Thank you for your sweet post comment, would you like to follow each other? :) xx

  8. O wow! I love your shoes. Never seen anything like this. The bow is so cute <3


  9. Nice shoes!! I love shoes. My most expensive pair would be creepers I got from ebay.. I don't generally spend too much on shoes.. the most I would spend is 40 max...and I usually hunt for sales! but there are some Jeffrey Campbell shoes I want.... >__> and those are expensive!!!


  10. These shoes are so awesome!!! its street chic with a touch of cuteness ... ^_^ totally diggin it.. i'm gonna check it out on ASOS now too.

    By the way, I am having a giveaway with beauty products from Asia. Hope you'll get a chance to check it out ^_^

  11. i'm not a fan of bows but this Adidas shoes is seriously cool. anyway thanks for visiting my blog (:

    Putri Soe

  12. I'm already in love <3
    Would you like to follow each other?

  13. hi! I'm your new follower:) Mind to check out my blog and follow me back?

  14. love the shoes, hmm the biggest splurge on my shoes will have to be these awesome lime pumps =D

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  15. Omg those sneakers! They are very pretty, they even mix sporty, girly and cute. Nice choice!

  16. OMG is that a bow!!! it looks tough and sweet at the same time! haha looks perfect on you! :DD

  17. The bows are to freaking cute!

  18. great this post, i really love this shoessss

    have a nice day


  19. love your shoes!


  20. Absolutely wonderful babies!!!! So cute! I bet I can never find these in Bulgaria though :(

  21. these are drop dead amazing! I want some:)
    I'm going to go kill my credit card with asos purchases! ;)