Taffi Reads: January

I have mentioned this on my new year resolution post a few weeks ago that one of my new year resolution is to read more books. I am trying to read at least one book every month, so let's hope I keep that up. lol. 

Also, with that, I am trying to improve my writing skills so I am going to blog about what I think and feel the books I have read. So, yeah I hope this will help me in the long run D:

So, this month I finished reading the Maze Runner and the Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire. Let's first talk about Maze Runner for a bit. I have a bit of mixed feeling about this book; unsure of how I felt. I was drawn in finishing this book because of the plot. I want to know what is going on, what is going to happen to these characters, what's ahead of them. However, at the same time I felt like the book wasn't very exciting. There were really no life. The characters really just got no personalities whatsoever. The book was okay. I enjoyed it because it was something different than what I am used to reading, but I am not, well, hooked.. And sadly I would not continue with the rest of the series. I rate Maze Runner 3/5

Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire in the other hand was really good! I don't have a lot to say beside the fact that it was very magical. Every Harry Potter book I have read was so good and really takes you to a different world. I couldn't put it down! I am in love with Hermione and Krum <3 I rate Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire 5/5

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