Taffi's Wishlist: Summer

  1. I've fall in love at first sight with this lipstick! It's Paul and Joe collections. Aren't they just adorable? It's a little cat as a lipsticks! and also The colour is totally me. You can get this cute lipstick from ASOS.
  2. This studded dress from Topshop is lovely,  I just think that it'll look so good when you wear it in the Summer. Nude colour dress with a little bow on your head. Ah, how I imagined that dress! Apparently it's out of stock right now, but who knows it might be back.
  3. One of my friend wore this at school, I asked her where she got it from, because I just love love them, then she said she got it from Spring. Aah, they're so pretty!
  4. I saw one of my look book fashionista wore this, and lucky I'm lucky she put a link on where she got this jacket from; It's from Romwe. Oh gash, I love them. London ftw! 
  5. Last but not least is this cute dress from Jack Wills. This dress is so simple, but rich. If you know what I meant. I think this dress will be a great great dress for the summer!  

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