(My Trip to Korea) OVERALL: Personal Photos in Korea aka Candid

happy face because.. bibimbap!~ ^^

poopy cake in insadong~ ^^

Tasha's hobby is to bother sleeping kitties > ~ <

*stuffing ourselves*


*stuffing some more*


life seafood! nom nom nom

beautiful waterfall :3

lol we're just silly like that 

at innisfree in jeju soap shaping :3

One of the soap I made :3

Before going to the tunell :3

posing at starbucks in busan~ such a cool place!

 beautiful set up at starbuck in busan~ 

 comfy chairs at starbucks in busan~

 we love shopping! ~

namdaemun market~

fishy fishy~ not so good tho :c

shopping again.. myeongdong edition!~

well, gotta take those pic with the guys :3

stuffing ourselves with food on our last day~

Overall, I had a great time in Korea and I would definitely come back! It was one of my favourite trip and I have learned and also inspired by many things~ It's not a surprise if I'll end up living there in the future bahaha ^^ Anyway, this is actually my last post about Korea. I hope you enjoyed all the photos from the past five days!

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