Healing Time in Calgary

I went up to Calgary for a test a few weeks ago (I know! It doesn't sound all that healing) But to be honest I got a lot of relaxation time there. I got away from everyone and just be myself. That's why I want to personally thank Cassie for letting me stay at your place! I really got a lot out off it. Seriously.

First night in, Cassie took me for Korean bbq (of course) it was real good. I had my first Canadian tteokbokki LOL

We went for Vietnamese dish after my exam was over. I ordered a bunch of stuff but didn't finish them! I felt so bad because I really didn't know the portion there ~

I went to Build A Bear and made my first ever plushie from there!! Yay! Oh and oh! He smells like Strawberry and he talks cutely :3

Cassie's place is seriously my dream apartment. Amazing cozy place! I love it so much ~ She also have a lot of plushies :3

Cassie gave me one of her mask ~ It was snails and ginger. It sounded weird to me at first too but it really wasn't that bad. I thought it would smell empowering with something of a fishy smell? But nope! It smelled nice and soft to skin. Love it x

Of course healing time isn't a healing time without a book right? I brought my House of Hades book to finish it up before I leave to Indonesia (so that I could start reading Blood of Olympus before Percy's birthday) but I ended up didn't finish it and couldn't take the book because I actually borrowed it from my local public library.

Anywho, that's just my very quick time alone and away from everything in Calgary! Hope it wasn't too boring for you all Xx

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