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If you guys have been keeping up with me in both YT and Instagram. Some of you guys may know that I have a tiny bit of an obsessions with David's Tea ~ I love drinking tea in general, but with David's, ugh! it's a whole different story. Trying out different flavours of tea becomes a must!

I haven't been back to the store until recently (due to stress with school) but anyway I was glad I did! I received a gift card from a friend of mine for my graduation. So I got to treat myself a bit :) 

I picked out their summer special Cherry Blossom. The cherry blossom includes, white tea, green tea, cherry, and rose flower. They smell so good!! The main ingredients is both of my most preferable tea too so I don't mind this one :) 

I also picked out their roasted tea! I don't know if you know but I've been really into roasted rice tea ever since my Korean trip ~ It is definitely one of my most favourite tea. That's why I did my research before hand! This is a green tea contains roasted brown rice and popped rice! It taste similar to the tea I got from koreandepart but smell much more sweeter and toastier ^^

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have recently graduated from high school. There was a lot of fun times and there was also a lot of downs for me, but I am glad that I have made it thirteen years of my school life. 

I got accepted in one of the school in Toronto and I am currently still working on getting my mark up. If things goes well, I am going to Toronto this September to pursue my career as a designer ~ Anyway, back to this, I did received a complimentary gifts from a friend of mine for getting into the school. It's loads of cute school supplies and goodies :) She knows that rilakkuma is my life lol ~ Oh and I also received a giant rilakkuma plush that I didn't capture. I just want to let her know that I am thankful for this, it really made my day! 

Now that school is over, I'm back in my shopping mode again ~ I went to the mall recently to find my cousin graduation gift. But instead I found a bunch of things for myself >< Like this ferris wheel music box! Click here to see how they are in action. It's so pretty and peaceful! I really want the venice one now >< 

I updated my boring walls recently with Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake postcards. My room looks a bit vintage now I am happy! ^^

What have you guys been doing? Did you guys do anything exciting? Let me know down below! I love reading all of your comments ^^ Xx 

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