Lost in Life

I thought about why people act the way they are everyday. I thought about if there's a way that I can do to help them. I thought about.. if what they do is what they really want to do and become. I thought about how would they feel. They must be feel lost, lost in life they live in.

Every morning I wake up, I feel grateful to live in another day. I am also frighten, because I could take last breath at any second.  Again, at the end I realizes that no matter what happen God will be there. I feel like I've been neglecting God for so long. Not just me, but I feel like everyone else are the same. I feel like we are sometime are too busy figuring out ourselves. When at the end, we forgot about our father.

We are all Alice. We are all have the curiosity of who we are, or just in general curiosity. 

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But eventually, we will find ourselves at the end. That's what people around you are for. To help you find yourself. However, even though we have people that can help us, we can't forget that the most important person that you can trust is..yourself. Without you, you won't be able to make that happen, you won't be able to make the unique person that you are.

With love,

Question Of The Day:
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  1. Great insights, my dear. Loving your tights, also!

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