Recap: What I've been doing!

As a lot of you guys may not know or maybe a few of you know. Two days ago was my birthday, and to be honest, it was the best one I ever have. I'm not going to say anything else, and just get to the pics!

I want a Union Jack cake and that's really what I want for my birthday and my mom made one for me! Isn't it lovely?
Oh and yes yes I know what are you thinking! My birthday is the same day as the Closing Ceremony, and it was surprising to know, because my cake is Union Jack. I guess it can be a celebration of the Closing Ceremony.
Okay, I thought I'll post a picture related to the Closing Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony was lovely! It kills me of how
awesome was it. I love and love the John Lennon part, it was amazing!
Writing a new story. There's still a lot to edit tho. I just write and write, so there's still a lot of grammar mistakes.

And yes, of course. I went to Manitoba!!! It was lovely there I missed it already :'c

So that's all. Hope you get the feeling of my holiday, well kind of. I know. I didn't take a lot of pics, just because I keep forgetting to bring camera. But anyway, How was you guys holiday?

P.S: I'm going back to school soon~ Oh no ; n ;


  1. Really amazing looking
    cake! Cute idea with the
    berries and strawberries!

    And yeah I'm going back
    to school soon as well..

  2. Oh, happy birthday Tash! thanks for your lovely comment.
    that union jack cake is really tempting! and you get the big one! how awesome is that.


  3. What a fun, lovely cake. Happy Birthday!