Late Post Mash-Up

Hello everyone! It is been a long time since I last posted a blog post. The reason why I haven't posted is because, one, I was lazy for a couple weeks (been reading manga non-stop) and two, I wen't for a long nice holiday, first I went to Indonesia and Malaysia, and then all around Europe. I will have a special blog post for that. Oh and there's also a possibility of Haul Videos coming your way.

Anyway, let's get going with today's post. Today post will be about all the post that I was going to post 1-2 months ago, but haven't got a chance. So today will be a MASH-UP.

Oh and don't be surprised because later on as you scroll down you'll notice something different!

top: mom's / varsity: simons / pencil skirt: mom's / shoes: white converse

dress: mom's / short: ebay / shoes: white converse

top: garage / pencil skirt: mom's / shoes: white converse

Did you see something different.........?

Yes, I CUT MY HAIR! You may already know this if you followed me on instagram or maybe twitter, I cut it and donated to Pantene for cancer.

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