Taffi's Wishlist: 10 Things I love (Summer Edition)

  1. I'm in love with denim, but this one is Denim Vest. I've never seen this in a long time, then I sees it again on Amy Phamous and I totally in love. This denim show off your macho-ness without going overboard. Also, I love Rock fashion, and wanting to try them out. This Denim Vest is from ASOS.
  2. This lovely hair band is from Newlook. I've been craving for this in a long time, it doesn't seems like I can find one in where I live and it so sad. They only have it online, but who knows which is the one that I really want. This hair band is great for the Summer, totally.
  3. Crochet shoes from Myhotshoes. I saw them while I'm in Quebec, and wanting them so bad, but decided to not buy it, since it was super expensive. Then I found this website accidentally and it's WAY more cheaper that they offer in Quebec. If you feel like walking in flats, but do not like the feeling of sweaty feet (yeah you know what I mean) I think this crochet shoes will be perfect for you!
  4. I saw this on Jasmine's instagram and totally in love, but hers was Pink and I don't really want that. I went on Ebay and searched around, all I can find is the same one that she have, then one day I ran across Urban Outfitters and found this one, and this one is totally my favourite. Perfect for Summer? Yes, totally! It'll show off your cute side without being too girly.
  5. I love bracelet, and if you've watched my recent video you may already know, because I told you that I'm a sucker for bracelet. Anyway, I've been wanting a bunch of beads bracelet in a long time, because think it'll be really cute if you just stack them all in or what they called Arm Party/Arm Swag. Arm Party/Arm Swag is really the trend this year. The bracelet is from Londonlovesla.
  6. Studded Shoes!!!!!!! Studded is really the trend, like really big and this shoes from Topshop, it will be really cute for this Summer, if you're living in the Country like me, you'll stand out! Fyi: I'm thinking of turning my white converse into Studded Converse!
  7. lkdkaldlasd;lasd;as; I ran across Newlook just today and in love with this Panda hoodie. I saw a lot of this hoodie looking animals thing, but it always long sleeve and I hate it. I want it to be a really short sleeve so I can wear it anytime, either winter or summer. If it's winter I can just put my long sleeve crochet on and I'm ready to go. Anyway, like I said this jacket will be great for the Summer, especially for you who loves to look cute and chic.
  8. This Summer, I'm really loving Muscle Tank. I think it because it shows the 80's rock style, if you know what I mean. I love the oldies style, and this Summer is really hot, muscle tank is a great medicine for this. Muscle tank also is super macho without being totally not stylish for anyone who don't feel like dressing up in the Summer. Muscle tank from Brandymelville.
  9. Studded short! Yep, I'm in love with studded. Like I said studs is REALLY big this year and it's all like all over. I ran across Topshop and found this. I won't say it's cheap, because it is not. I'll say this is a splurge, if I'm thinking of getting one, but that will never happen, because you can buy your own stud and stud your own short that you may want to thrift, and it'll be fifty percent cheaper than the short that Topshop sells.
  10. Last but not least, this little hair band. The same thing as number two. You may already notice the difference and they're totally different. I have no idea which one will look better on me, so I decided to leave it, and buy it if I get a chance to go to bigger city and shop. This hair band is from lookbook fashionista store kisforkani (you may recognized her since she's really pops!)


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